A little encouraging thought about Israel’s nuclear weapon

September 10, 2010

For the last several decades Israel holds nuclear weapon. In the next decade or two there is a good chance that the Israeli government will became more militant and religious. The composition pf these two facts might be disturbing, but maybe things are not so bad as it looks.

The probability that the nuclear weapon of Israel will violate the regional stability in the near future is pretty low. Even if Israel will have much more militant and religious government it is still very likely that they will not use it.

The reason for that is that Israel doesn’t have proxies in the Middle East. If Syria or Iran for example will get nuclear reactors, than the main practical danger of it will not be a nuclear war, but that some of the nuclear waste will fond its way to small radical Islamic groups.

Israel, as I said, doesn’t have this option, so she will have to carry direct responsibility for any dirty bomb that “serves” her side.

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