Ideological Parasites

June 26, 2010

One reason that the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is stuck with no agreeable solution, is the existence of Ideological Parasites.

Ideological Parasites are those who take real problems and tie them with some faux statements that serving their own interests. By doing so, the Ideological Parasites make anyone who think that the real problem should be solved, automatically become a supporter of the appended interests.

Example: Erdogan humanitarian sensitivity

Erdogan, the Turkish PM, tends to be emotional about the condition of the Palestinians. He feel sad that Israel kill people because that is very wrong; that Israel is the biggest threat to the middle east, using disproportionate force, and possibly committing crimes against humanity etc. The Turkish position, on the contrary, is humanitarian, according to Erdogan.

The opinions and sensitivity of Erdogan are correct, and might even be honest. The condition of the Palestinians is disgraceful and something has to be done to change it. And it is definitely a sad thing that the Israeli government is to impotent to make some change and withdrew the Israeli Army from the occupied areas.

The problem, however, is that opposing the Israeli violations of human rights does not necessarily put Erdogan on the other side of the spectrum.

Turkey has a large minority of Kurds, and this minority wishes for independence. Erdogan don’t want the Kurds to be independent so he slaughters them – much more liberally than Israel does to the Palestinians – every time the Kurds trying to do raise their square heads.  The Turkish army killed about 200 Kurds only in the last month. If there is still a doubt whether this policy represents Erdogan opinion or not, Erdogan statement that Kurdish Rebels will “drown in their own blood” makes it quite unquestionable.

There are also quite militant restrictions on the usage of the Kurdish language in Turkey, the ability to support Kurdish interests in public and live painless life in parallel, and admitting that Kurdish people are really exist in general.

This was only one example about one minority. Women, gays, Armenian, and other minorities or oppositions does not experience much pleasure as well.

I’ll make it clear: the fact that Turkey is violating human rights by no means makes it OK to Israel to do similar things. The Israeli occupation is a real and serious problem.

My point is to show how by pointing a real problem (the Palestinian condition) Erdogan created a momentum and tied this problem with a faux statement (“Turkey is a country who does give a shit about human rights”), so people who agree with him about the real problem are moving to his side.

Bizarre as it sounds, Erdogan’s tactics work. It became common to see Turkish flags carried by human rights useful-idiots activists.


This was only one example of one Ideological Parasite, but there are many of them everywhere. Many of the funding myths of the Israeli Palestinian conflict are based on such false facts (and I have to say again that there are real problems that should be solved).

Here is a partial list that of such Ideological-Parasite-originated statements and beliefs. It is just what I had in mind at the moment and there are much more:

  • There is a Genocide in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Israel massacred hundreds of people at the battle of Jenin in 2002.
  • Muhammad al-Durrah Killed by the Israelis.
  • Every criticism of Israel is motivated by anti-Semitism (this one is from the Israeli side, but the idea is exactly the same).
  • Hamas is fighting for the freedom of the Palestinians.
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the cause for wars in Yemen, Somaliland and Afghanistan, and the reason for many of the social problems inside Syria and other Muslim countries.

The sad thing is that such parasites only make it harder to see the real problems so it is a lot harder to understand how to solve them.

There are real problems and there are lots of crazy fanatics around who tries to take advantage over these problems and make everything much worse.

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