A passing thought on dealing with Pro/Anti-Israeli fundamentalists

June 26, 2010

A fundamentalist:

  1. Taking a side.
  2. Think about the facts.
  3. Using the facts to reinforce her side.

A non-fundamentalist

  1. Possibly have some positions.
  2. Integrating new facts with her previous positions.
  3. Having new and improved positions.

Interaction between the two:

  1. The problem is when the fundamentalist has better rhetoric.
  2. The solution is to remember that the conclusions should not be done on the spot, and can wait for further thinking and analysis.
  3. A new problem is that the fundamentalist would win the game she is playing with herself.
  4. I can’t think about solution for that. Maybe showing some affection can help a little.
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One Response to “A passing thought on dealing with Pro/Anti-Israeli fundamentalists”

  1. Idzhar Says:

    Ema, I know you live in fantasy land, being a lbreial and all, but the only course of action that will work for Israel is to have defensible borders. The surrounding Muslims will never accept Israel nor give up their desire to overrun Israel and kill or subjugate all of the Jews. All pretended concessions that the Muslims may presently accept are merely stratagems towards that end. They can never be trusted — ever hear of “taquiya”? No, it’s not Mexican booze with a worm in the bottle.Barack Obama is a complete fool and couldn’t care less if the Israelis survive or not. You see, Islam, like lbreialism, is a form of madness; in the former case, a form of homicidal lunacy.

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